Award for Excellence in Energy Conservation and Management
The objective of the scheme is to give national recognition to the management of Zonal Railway who have made systematic and serious attempts for efficient utilization and conservation of energy during the years 2003 - 04, 2004 - 05 and 2005 - 06.
First and second prizes are proposed to be given to the management of nominated Zonal Railway in the form of a Silver Plaque with appropriate citation on such awards as may be decided by the Ministry of Power. The performance of the nominated ZONAL RAILWAY would be judged through a questionnaire (format enclosed) which would be evaluated by an Award Committee.
It is not necessary to give first and second prize to the nominated Zonal Railway. The Award Committee would take a final decision depending upon the number of entries received and other considerations.
a) The scheme is open to all ZONAL RAILWAY, of Indian Railways.
b) The nominated Zonal Railway should be in operation for at least above-mentioned three years (2003 - 06).
c) Certificates to the effect that the nominated Zonal Railway is presently following all the statutory requirements pertaining to the fire, safety and pollution control (as applicable) should be attached along with the questionnaire.
Criteria for Judging Merit
a) The Award Committee will decide the recipient of the awards on the basis of outstanding achievements and contribution in the field of energy conservation and management.
b) The Award may not necessarily be decided on the basis of only quantitative achievements but also taking into account the various other factors such as innovative techniques and technologies adopted in the nominated Zonal Railway, etc. (A copy of the Criteria for Evaluating the Award Questionnaire/ Application is enclosed at Annexure-A for reference).
c) The members of the Award Committee or their nominees may visit nominated ZONAL RAILWAY for verification of data supplied, if felt necessary, and it will be obligatory on the part of the management of nominated Zonal Railway to provide necessary co-operation.
d) The committee may invite management of the some of the selected nominated zonal railway for presentation in New Delhi before finalizing the list of Award winning ZONAL RAILWAY. The concerned management has to bear all the expenditure in this connection.
e) The Committee's decision would be final and no appeal would be entertained.
Instructions for Filling up the ‘Award Questionnaire’
a) The data required for the questionnaire pertains to the accounting years (2003 - 04, 2004 - 05 and 2005 - 06).
b) The enclosed questionnaire is only a format and thus information sought should be separately computer printed or neatly typed or to be downloaded from the Bureau’s Websites: and
c) The answers to the questions should be precise and specific and should be supplied in total compliance with the questionnaire format. The deviations may lead to improper evaluation or the rejection of the nomination.
d) The information sought under any head should be highlighted under the same and no separate annexure should be attached.
e) Each and every query mentioned in the questionnaire needs to be answered. Even, if answer is `NO' or `NOT APPLICABLE' the same may be stated, instead of ignoring it.
f) The questionnaire should be filled in by a competent and responsible person of the nominated Zonal Railway. He/she should be fully conversant with the energy terms and units, conversion / multiplying factors etc. The duly filled-in questionnaire should be signed by the Chief Executive of the Zonal Railway.
Submission of nomination
One neatly bound filled in copy of the questionnaire (including relevant certificates and papers) should reach the office of
Bureau of Energy Efficiency
Hall No. IV, 2nd Floor,
NBCC Tower, 15 Bhikaji Cama Place,
New Delhi - 110 066
Tel. No.: 011-2617 9699 (5 lines)
Fax No.: 011- 2617 8328, 2617 8352
The second filled in copy of the questionnaire should be sent to
Director (Energy Conservation)
Ministry of Power,
F-Wing, 2nd Floor,
Nirman Bhavan,
Maulana Azad Road
New Delhi-110 011
Tel. No. 011-23062439
Tele. Fax No. 011-23062439
latest by 16th October, 2006
Note: You may download the Questionnaire from &
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